Decatur Leadership

Officers 2020 - 2021

Teddrick Martin Polemarch

Deaderick Jones Vice Polemarch & MTA Chair

Martin Hubbard Exchequer

Des'mon Taylor Keeper of Records

Norman Pitts Board of Directors

Darrell Taylor Board of Directors

Sean Wells Board of Directors

Christopher Patterson Lt. Strategus

James Price Sr. Strategus

Clarence Wells
Clarence Wells

Nomination and Elections Chairman

Mark Adams Historian

Committee Chairs 2020 - 2021


Audit - Larry Bowden/Corey Webster

Awards and Achievement - Tony Hunter

Bylaws - Freddie Johnson

Guide Right - Tim Parson

MTA - Deaderick Jones

Nominations - Clarence Wells

Reclamation - Clarence Wells

Risk Management- Darryn Greene

Senior Kappas - Courtney Smith

Social - Darnell Hull/ Christopher Ifebor

Social Action -  Ricky Simmons

Strategic Planning - Teddrick Martin

Technology -  Darrell Taylor

       -Sharepoint Admin- Anthony Acosta

       -Website/Derrick Allen

       -Social Media/Tobi Toyoka

Undergraduate Advisor (Emory University) – Chad Hixon